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 An individual supported on the road to success

An individual supported on the road to success :

Every student is unique both physically and emotionally, as well as the way they learn.

At l'école Paul et Virginie, we appreciate that these differences are precious and are what help each student, each staff member and each citizen grow. We aim to value it.

Each student is an individual that we get to know on a daily basis and who must feel valued for who they are and what they do. The staff and school management and many staff make sure of this.

Annabelle, our nurse conscientiously watches over the Individualized Reception Plans (IRP) that concerns several students.

Different and innovative teaching methods are used, thanks to a qualified teaching team, a reduced number of students in each class and frequent half-groups during the week, especially during English teaching sessions.

Laetitia Brunelle, the teacher in charge of the Special Educational Needs Pupils (SENP) program, trains the least experienced teachers in classroom management, institutional expectations and the management of student heterogeneity.

All staff is trained in positive communication and evaluation so that each student feels valued and confident.

The communication of the different educational entities surrounding each student is essential for his or her success. We make sure that collective and individual parent - teacher and parent management meetings are regularly implemented.

At L'Ecole Paul et Virginie, communication with the families is a priority, as we believe that co-education is one of the conditions for the success of each student. Communication with all the educational actors surrounding the child (educational teams are regularly scheduled to ensure pedagogical coherence) is also a priority. The school encourages benevolent communication by training its teachers in positive discipline.

In addition to differentiation in the classroom, two support systems are in place at the school: the system for Otherwise Able Pupils (EAC) and the system for pupils with special educational needs (EBEP).

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Support for Otherwise Able Pupils:

Two staff members work specifically in this system:

  • Betty Beauchamp, a specialized teacher responsible for the EAC system, develops the student's schooling project with the educational team (student, families, teachers and therapists), ensures the follow-up of the students benefiting from this system and coordinates the members of the educational team.
  • Joëlle Meunier, the EAC's teaching support, promotes the inclusion of the students in the system, helps and guides them in their daily and educational actions.

The students benefiting from the system are enrolled in a reference class. The teacher of the class and the teacher of the support system are co-responsible for their progress.

Three meetings per year are organized with the family of each student benefiting from the scheme by the scheme manager. The teacher of the reference class is present and the child’s therapists are regularly invited for follow-ups.

The "ordinary" Pronote evaluation booklet is partially filled in for all these pupils and is completed by a learning follow-up booklet produced by the teacher of the system.


Support for Pupils with Special Educational Needs (EBEP):

Two staff members work specifically for this system:

  • Laetitia Brunelle, a qualified teacher, is in charge of the EBEP system, and helps to identify students, organizes and implements complementary educational activities adapted to their needs. She coordinates the members of the educational teams and ensures the follow-up of each EBEP.
  • Babeth Chellin, the EBEP coach, is present in the classrooms in order to encourage interaction and value, encourage and stimulate certain EBEPs. She encourages the development of their autonomy by accompanying and guiding the students in their learning process.

All these students are enrolled in regular reference classes. The teacher of the class is responsible for their annual academic progress.

Regular meetings are held with members of each student's educational team.

We welcome several therapists in the school who bring their expertise to give us advice and provide follow-up for the families of certain students during school time.