How to contribute to the development of the child with children's literature.


During the month of May 2019 and through the celebration of the Youth Literature Week in Mauritius, we were able to highlight the writings for young people at the Paul and Virginia School and at the French Institute of Mauritius. The students of the school were charmed by the beauty of all these albums written for them.

At Paul and Virginia School, we encourage children's literature authors to visit through various classroom projects. As a result, the students had the opportunity to meet several of them, namely Nancy Guilbert, Amarnath Hosany, Shenaz Patel, Stéphane Servant and many others during their schooling. Thanks to these moments, they can better understand the workings of this stream of words and images that are offered to them in the albums they enthusiastically discover in the classroom or library.

The benefits of children's literature:

It can sometimes be transmitted by word of mouth, either during a time of sharing between adults and children or when the latter decide to read for their classmates. Thanks to these exchanges, it is then possible to create a common cultural background for children. They discover characters like Marcel by Anthony Browne, Tikoulou by Henry Koombes and also Boucle d'Or, the three little pigs with whom they live beautiful adventures. The child can either listen to what the adult reads to him or tell the story to his parent himself. He can also, if he already knows how to read, take a journey alone into the world of characters.

Thus, children's literature makes it possible to transmit the taste for reading but also for writing to children.

At Paul and Virginia School, students are always very happy to ask questions to local or international children's literature authors, who always manage to answer with joy the questions of curious students.

A literary journey without limits:

If you have the opportunity to read them, you will easily notice that these texts from children's literature are very rich and varied and seem to have no fear of any spillover. They leave room for the spontaneity and authenticity of childhood. Imagination no longer having any limits, wonder is at its peak. The literary journey is both present in the content of the text and in the form.

In this universe, it would seem that there are no limits. The typography, the layout, the illustrations, the police games, the whole is solicited in order to stimulate a maximum the imagination of the child, and the adult.

From reverse printed texts to three-dimensional illustrations, a multitude of possibilities that allow children to identify themselves in the characters or not, to dream, to experience many emotions, to believe, to have confidence and to enjoy all that literature can offer.

Written by Aurélie Fleuriau-Chateau


We had the opportunity to ask Constance, 9 1/2 years old, what she thought of children's literature: "What I like about reading is that it allows me to travel. I learn a lot of vocabulary which allows me to have a better spelling. I find myself in the character's world while remaining in mine. Thanks to these people who write for us, we enrich our knowledge. »

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