Route Royale

90901 Tamarin


- Telephone : (+230) 483 49 63 - Mobile : (+230) 5478 89 52 - Fax : (+230) 483 56 38


The priority of the school is to bring out the best in each of our students and to strive for excellence.

In each class, differentiated pedagogy is practised by a qualified teaching team.

However, for some students this is not enough; and therefore, we implement additional protocols for students with special needs. These aids are set up, with the agreement of the student's family, as recommended by the class teacher and the management. In addition to the class teacher and the headmistress, the following staff participate in the follow-up of these students:


Annabelle Henri, the school nurse is available during school hours. In collaboration with the director, she develops Individualized Reception Projects to accommodate students with health problems.

Louis Baxellerie, a qualified special needs teacher, is responsible for the 'Unité pour l'Inclusion Scolaire’ (also referred to as ULIS) which was set up in 2017. Mrs. Joelle Meunier is the class assistant.

Three therapists facilitating the care of your children consult within the school.