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An establishment with French programs

The Paul and Virginie School is also part of the local network of French Program Establishments in Mauritius which includes the North School in Mapou, the Center School and the Lycée des Mascareignes in Moka, the Lycée Labourdonnais in Curepipe and Paul and Virginie school. Regular educational actions are carried out with them in order to strengthen ties.

Regular contacts are made between the Paul and Virginie School, the French Embassy in Mauritius and its Cooperation and Cultural Action Service. A Steering Committee of the French Program Establishments in Mauritius is regularly convened by the Ambassador of France, who chairs it.

By tripartite agreement, students leaving the Paul and Virginie School at the end of the elementary course are welcomed as of right in the 6th class at the Center School (Pierre poivre College) or at the Lycée Labourdonnais, at the choice of families.

École élémentaire Tamarin

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