School project

The Paul et  Virginie School is located in Tamarin, on the Southwest coast of Mauritius.

The Paul et Virginie School is a private Mauritian school opened in 2003, under the legal status of a non-profit-making company, created, managed and led voluntarily by its founding members, who form the School Management Committee, and who have made the initial choice to offer a French-language teaching program.

The school has signed a partnership agreement with the Agency for French Education Abroad (AEFE), giving it the label: «Etablissement homologué". Thus it implements the programs, timetable and school calendar recommended by the French National Education.It also benefits from the training program of the Indian Ocean zone for its staff and regular visits by the advisor and inspector of the zone. Thus it implements the programs, timetable and school calendar recommended by the French National Education.

The Paul et Virginie School operates on funds obtained from school fees and donations. The members of the Management Committee are all volunteers.

The Paul et Virginie School is a pre-primary and primary school of excellence.

A French program school

Paul et Virginie is also part of the local network of French Schools in Mauritius which includes l’école du Nord in Mapou, l’école du Centre and the Lycée des Mascareignes in Moka     and the Lycée Labourdonnais in Curepipe.

Regular communication takes place between Paul et Virginie, the French Embassy in Mauritius and its Service de Coopération et d'Action Culturelle. A Steering Committee of the French Program Establishments in Mauritius is regularly held by the French Embassador.

By tripartite agreement, students leaving Paul et Virginie at the end of their schooling are automatically accepted in 6ème (Year 1 in secondary school) at l’école du Centre (College Pierre Poivre) or Lycée Labourdonnais, depending on the family’s choice.

A well equipped school

The school is situated in an exceptional setting, near the river. Our classrooms are equipped with video projectors and air conditioning systems.

  • A Library and Documentation Centre 
  • A computer room
  • A well-equipped gym
  • A dance room
  • Sports fields and courts