A sports and arts focused school


Students have at least two hours of sports a week either with their class teacher or the sports teacher Alicia Lamusse. 

Several sports projects are organised each year such as: the GS / CP sports day (organised by the CM2 students), the French schools cross country event (the CM2 students), a sailing class, a kayaking class...

Each student participates in a minimum of 8 swimming sessions per year at the Riverland Club pool.

Arts at the school

Students benefit from an artistic education which is included in our school program.  Many projects are carried out during the year. 

For example, our CE2 students participate in inter-school choir events. 

For the last two years, an Arts Week has been organised within the school.
This is an opportunity for all students to meet and discover local artists, as well as take part in art projects. 

See below a video from Arts Week 2017 (right)