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Students are the Citizens of Tomorrow

Students are the Citizens of Tomorrow:

From school to college, Civic Studies helps tomorrow’s citizens understand their rights, duties and responsibilities.

Throughout their school life, especially at l'école Paul et Virginie, students learn how to:

Be responsible for themselves:

Handling their own responsibility, looking after their equipment, emotions and reactions, becoming self-reliant and learning how to take the initiative.

Live together:

Understand their rights and responsibilities in the microcosm of society that is school, create bonds with friends and the adults that create a secure environment for them to grow and express themselves, share their ideas and feelings and accept those of others, learn and respect social norms, develop cooperation and solidarity skills.


Express their ideas, discuss, take a stand and represent a group, develop a sense of belonging to a group and to the school.

Develop civic sense:

Learn how to provide help, learn how to swim, learn how to be a road user.