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The student: his development and his openness to the world

The student: his development and his openness to the world

At Paul et Virginie School, we seek to encourage open-mindedness, openness to others and to the world through the various activities offered to students.

Physical and Sports Education (PSE) is part of the school's schedule. Each student benefits from at least one weekly session with the physical education expert: Xavier Bertrand. The other sessions are initiated by the class teacher.

During the summer period, our students benefit from a weekly swimming session allowing them to become familiar with water, an element that is very present in Mauritius, from a very young age.

Every year, sports meetings are organized by class level with other French schools in Mauritius in order to promote not only the exchange of sports practices but also to develop social and citizenship skills.

Tamarin Elementary School

The arts are also at the center of our priorities.

In plastic arts, students can create, discover materials, explore supports... An art room has been set up in the school to encourage these sessions.

At the end of each year, a week dedicated to the arts allows students to discover new techniques, to create artistic projects and to meet different artists who are delighted to share their passion.

Again this year, the students will benefit from the presence of Violaine Lebon, a music education teacher who, in collaboration with the class teachers, will help them explore the rhythm and possibilities of stage singing. She will prepare the students of CE2 for the choral meetings of the French schools of the island (if they can take place).

Literature and poetry are also great artistic supports that we introduce to the students during library time with the librarian, Céline Chabaud, in class with their teacher(s), on an ad hoc basis thanks to a Mauritian author or during educational events such as the Printemps des poètes (which we celebrate some years).

Tamarin Elementary School
École élémentaire Tamarin

At the Paul et Virginie school, we work on the skills of the French programs in the local context. The students discover their immediate environment: its personalities, its geography, its history...

Thus, the educational projects carried out in class often lead to school outings organized along the student's itinerary so that they can discover the local culture. We also encourage the participation of local personalities: artists, sportsmen, important personalities...

The school encourages extracurricular activities to discover other techniques and new personalities, to mix age groups and to reinforce social skills. These extracurricular activities contribute significantly to the development of the students.

Two weeks of holiday camp, the first week of the October and April vacations, are organized to complement these daily extracurricular activities.