Route Royale

90901 Tamarin


- Telephone : (+230) 483 49 63 - Mobile : (+230) 5478 89 52 - Fax : (+230) 483 56 38



An outside provider provides the school for lunch. He listens to the needs of the students and the standards imposed by the administration.

Also, for lunch, your child has the choice between:

- his packed lunch prepared by you (which can be heated).

- one of the menus of the external canteen service provider, if previously registered.

Registration for the catering service is done according to the procedure defined by the service provider.

The prices are also set by the service provider.

For any questions related to this service, please write to the following address:


You have the choice of accompanying your child to school or having him / her taken care of by a carrier (a list of which can be found here).

All the carriers which appear on this list respect the standards for the recovery of pupils within the school imposed by the administration.

The school does not manage relations between parents and school transport providers.

Students safety is our priority. It is important to send us any fact that could endanger the students or any suggestion that could allow us to further improve these services.

We remain at your disposal for any questions.