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The message of the new Headmistress:

August 26, 2019,

Dear students,

Dear Paul and Virginie school staff,

Dear Parents,

It is with great emotion that I speak this morning on this day of school, the seventeenth of Paul and Virginie school, to welcome you to this exceptional school after the period of “great” holidays, which I hope it has been restful and rewarding.

I welcome the new students, those who are having their first day at school Paul and Virginie, who must be a little tight-hearted and encourage them to come and disturb us to ask us questions, we school staff . We will answer them with pleasure so that you will quickly be confident in the school and soon discover how pleasant it is to work in this school!

I welcome CP students to the “big” school who will use a lot of their energy to learn to read in the coming months. The adventure is worth it, you will see. So give yourself time and treat yourself!

After these many years spent in this school, I am still delighted to be able to work so that this school allows each student to flourish and learn in excellent conditions.

This year, we will implement the school project carried out at the end of the last school year with the entire educational community of our school. It is a question of continuing the work carried out since the creation of the school in order to allow each pupil to find his talents, to flourish to have the taste to learn and progress at his own pace by having a privileged accompaniment.

To reach the objectives set, it seems essential to us to continue working daily so that co-education is effective, this triangle "family, pupil and school staff" seems essential to the success of our pupils.

As such, I thank the families who trust us by leaving us their child each morning, by sharing with us the difficulties they may encounter in order to make their child successful and by recognizing our dedication to their child.

I also thank all the students who are fully involved and thus make this establishment grow day by day and year by year.

I also thank the teaching staff for their professionalism towards students, school and families, their creativity to allow each student to succeed and their patience.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to particularly thank the administrative and maintenance staff who ensured that the start of the school year was going well, thanks to their dedication during July and August.

I wish you all a very good start to the school year and an excellent school year.

Sandra RABIER, director of the Paul and Virginie school


Teachers have a minimum of Bac +3 level, most of them having a Bac +5 level. Some are experienced staff members of the French National Education, while others are locally recruited using carefully selected profiles and skills. Our English teachers are also recruited on the basis of their competence and level of language and teaching skills.

A number of full-time substitute teachers ensures that all classes run as normal. Our substitutes, who are university graduates, benefit from continuous in-house training. They are inspected at the end of their 2nd year in the establishment by the Inspector of the AEFE zone in order to validate their professional achievements.

In addition to our teachers, we have friendly and caring administrative team, who will provide information and do their best to answer your queries. We also have a highly committed maintenance team that assists us in supervising school grounds during break time and provides an exceptional work environment!

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Our team

All our teachers are highly educated and have years of experience in education. They do their best to ensure fascinating and educational lessons, so your children get either basic knowledge and social skills they can implement in future.

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